All-Ukrainian public organization ‘Alnur’

All-Ukrainian public organization “Alnur” was founded in 2010.

NGO ‘Alnur’ was created for children with Down syndrome, now we are in the process of reorganizing social enterprises with social services in Broska village.

A day care center was reopened in comfortable classes and play ground.

We are in the process to offer the following services:

  • Speech therapist;
  • Dancing lessons;
  • Sensory room;
  • Social adaptation lessons (cooking, washing, cleaning);
  • Art lessons;
  • Massage for children.

During the preparation for the opening of the center, we were assisted by volunteers who cleaned the territory, harvested fruits and vegetables.

Our future plans include the opening of horse rides, social laundry, bistro (more details you will fine of the mention points in our projects).

In general, the Alnur organization helps young and old with disabilities in social adaptation, integration, psychological rehabilitation, counselling and educates tolerant attitudes towards people with various illnesses, intellectual disabilities.

Our organization cooperates with other Ukrainian rehabilitation centers, which often attend training seminars for obtaining the latest knowledge and practical skills in the field of social rehabilitation, we also conduct various activities.

Alnur arranges meetings with representatives of the Orthopaedic Assistance Center, Tellus, (more info at our News) so that the children can get orthopaedic footwear, made there by individual measurements.

The mission of our organization to improve quality of life and creating a new future for people with Down syndrome. All-Ukrainian public organization “Alnur” is uniting parents to aid development of their children and to change the attitude to people with Down syndrome in society.